Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Guitar Pick Wine Charms

After making the wine box for a friend’s birthday, I decided it was time to try my hand at wine charms. At Hobby Lobby I found a package of 10 guitar picks, with holes, in the charm section. I also found a package of 8 leaves, that looked just like grape leaves. Every few weeks, all of the charms are 50% off at hobby lobby, so keep your eyes open for deals on this craft.

20 gauge wire
Wire cutters
Needle-nose pliers
Seed Beads
Charms (1 charm per wine charm)
Jump rings
Attach a jump ring to your charm if it does not already have something to dangle from. Cut a 7inch piece of wire. Create a swirl on one end of your wire, using needle nose pliers, big enough that the beads and charm will not fall off. Bead your wire with your charm in the middle leaving about an inch and a half of wire. Create a swirl on the other end of your wire big enough that the beads and charm will not fall off. Bend your creation in to a circle. Repeat these steps for as many wine charms as you wish to make. Voila!
If the charms you are using in a set are all the same, you should use a different color of bead on each charm. Example: One charm with all green beads, another charm with all blue beads. The color of bead will be the distinguishing factor between glasses of wine. If the charms are all different within a set (such as the guitar picks each being different) you could choose to make all of the beads the same color, or even choose to not use beads at all.
Don’t forget pretty packaging. I used candy wrapping plastic bags that I found at Michaels. Cut short, folded over, and stapled on some scrapbooking paper as a sort of label. These small labels were a great way to use up some of my pretty scrap paper. My favorite technique for embellishing today is chalking with ink and a cosmetic sponge, which I used on my labels.