Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Recycled Jars for Craft Storage

I love jars as a way for craft storage, but why buy them when I throw them away each month after I use the foods that come in them. The only problem has been that I don't want my craft supplies smelling like spaghetti sauce. At the same time, I love my wallflowers, but when the refill is empty it still smells good. Here is an attempt at "going green".
Start with pasta sauce jars and wallflowers. When empty, wash jar thoroughly and use Goo Gone to get rid of the sauce label.

Hot glue scrap fabric and ribbon on lid and fill it with used wallflower refills. I stick it in the china cabinet for a couple of months. You only need one wallflower refill but my stash is multiplying so right now each of my jars has quite a few refills sitting in it. They don't need to be the same scent.
Take out wallflower refills, use them in another jar. Voila!
PS: Around Christmas every year Bath and Body Works sells the wallflower pack of 2 refills for $5. I always stock up then because the regular price is $12.50. My current favorite scent is Island Margarita

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