Saturday, November 20, 2010

Halo Donut Cake Pops

I'll be gone for a women's retreat, so hubby is hosting a Halo guys night. Three TVs set up with three XBOXs in one house so 12 guys can play simultaneously. What can I say?... I'm madly in love with a geek! Truthfully, my Martha Stewart geekiness is just as out of control, so I've decided to make cake pops for the boys. The donut version of cake pops is much easier than the cake version or the oreo version. Oreo cake pops still get the number one vote in taste. Note to self, next time try Krispy Kreme donut holes. King Soopers doesn't cut it for taste, but I refuse to give up on donut holes. Donut holes stay together, unlike cake pops, and donut holes are light and won't fall off the stick when dipping, unlike cake pops. It cut the time needed for this project in half, not even including the extra time needed to bake and cool the cake if you make it from scratch.
Supplies: donut holes, microwavable chocolate, lollipop sticks, foam blocks found in floral section of a craft store, small candy bags to wrap the finished product in.
Dip one end of the lollipop stick in melted chocolate.
Shove stick 1/2 way through donut hole. The melted chocolate on the end of the stick should act as glue.

Repeat with all donut holes, and let them cool right side up in foam blocks.
Dip entire donut hole in melted chocolate. Gently tap the stick on the side of the bowl to get extra chocolate off.
Let dipped doughnut holes cool right side up stuck in foam blocks. Add piping after the chocolate is hardened. I used Wilton black icing for the halo symbol, but melted chocolate in another color would be more stable.

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