Sunday, September 5, 2010

Scrap Fabric Dog Toys

Introducing my afternoon nanny family: Pinky(age 7) and Jimmy(age almost 9). Fake names of course. Jimmy and Pinky recently got a puppy, so for our craft we made dog toys out of some the scrap fabric laying around.

Use 3 strips of fabric, tie a knot, and braid.

OR Use 2 or more strips of fabric and keep tieing knots

OR Do you remember using flat plastic string in a weaving pattern to make key chains? Use 2 or 4 strips of very long fabric and weave to make a beautiful durable dog toy.
This last one reminds me of Mary Engelbreit

I got a pack of bells from Hobby Lobby, and we tied a bell on one end of a couple of the dog toys. The bell toys should be given under supervision in case your puppy gets the urge to take apart and eat the bell. The bells in the Christmas craft section were cheaper than those in the regular craft section. SAVINGS ALERT: just after Christmas stock up on "Christmas" bells for really cheap to use throughout the year. great for sewing into dog toys and baby toys.

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