Friday, September 10, 2010

Mario Painting

Here is the painting I'm doing to go in the basement (AKA Hubby's man cave) at my house. I do not own the rights to it because it is based off Grand Star by Lawrence Yang. I used acrylic paint on canvas. The best part was flicking white paint onto the canvas to make a starry sky; my dog just couldn't stay away and now has white freckles all over her back. I am painting 3 other paintings to go with this one. I plan to make Princess Peach, Goomba, and Lakitu themed paintings.

Use a large sponge brush to paint background. Dry. Thin out the background color paint with a little water. Use brush to make some drops of thin paint on the canvas and blow it hard through a straw to make the long splatter marks.
Between these next 2 pics I screwed up. I should have first spattered the entire canvas with white paint. Dry. Paint the rock-like astroid. Instead I painted the rock, then splattered white paint, then touched up the rock.
Use thinned white paint and blow through straw to make long splatter marks. Repeat with thinned brown paint. Add little brown skyscrapers to your rock.
Use thinned yellow paint to make splatters where you want the star to go. Paint the star. 
Add detail to the star. Paint Mario. Voila!

Update: I finished the other paintings. Latiku painting here. Princess Peach and Venus Fire Trap paintings here.