Friday, September 3, 2010

Vinyl Wall Lettering Using Cricut

I’ve officially been living in my first house for one year… I’m only just starting to get stuff up on the walls. Poop. Oh well, at least I’ve had a chance to get the Cricut out.

Scrap paper
Vinyl sheets
Cricut machine
Masking tape

Using your level and masking tape, make a line across the wall where you will want your phrase. This will ensure that your phrase isn’t forever lopsided. Place one extra piece of tape exactly where you want your phrase to be centered. Using scrap paper, cut out the words or pictures that you want on the wall. Use masking tape to fix your design on the wall. Remove and re-stick your design if it’s not centered on your line. Step back and see if you like what you have. If you want to adjust size or change the entire thing, re-cut from scrap paper using the Cricut. Once you have a design you love, I’d recommend writing down you sizes and leaving it up for a couple of days. After the “let’s not be drastic” waiting period, if you still love the design, use the Cricut to cut the same design out of vinyl this time. Take one paper piece off, wipe that part of the wall clean with a damp rag, dry the wall very well, and place one vinyl piece in place of the paper one. Continue until your entire phrase is on the wall. Whenever you have outgrown your unique design, a hairdryer will take it right off. Voila!

My favorite creative technique today is using lowercase letters as uppercase letters. Simply choose a bigger size font for the letters you want "capitalized". i love crafting with my cricut!

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